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2023/ 2024 Cache of the Year

Nominations for Cache of the year are now open.

This year we are looking for caches created in 2023/24 that meet one of the five specific categories:

  • Best Adventure

  • Most Creative Cache

  • Best Story

  • Best Traditional or Letterbox Cache

  • Best Multi, Mystery, Challenge or Earthcache.

We invite our members to nominate a cache that was published in between 1st January 2023 until 30th June 2024 that has not previously won cache of the month. Nominations can be placed throughout the year until 30th July 2024.

In August, we will collate your nominations and voting will commence for each category and Cache of the year.

 Winners will be announced at WAGB24.

Nomination form 
Category the Cache is being Nominated for:

Thanks for submitting!

Nominations Recieved

                 Best Adventure 

1. GC9P7PG - Footsteps in Time

Most Creative Cache

1. GCAEEW7 - TB Hotel Pink On City Link

2. GCA844T - You're Been Framed

3. GCA315B - Foxes Lair AL Bonus Cache

Best Story or Location

1. GCA9ME7 - First let me take a selfie

                 Best Traditional or Letterbox

1. GCABCEW - Blocked

2. GCA7Y4Z - I'm out of time, I'm afraid I now must dash.

3. GCA844T - You've Been Framed

4. GCABCEW - Blocked

Best Multi, Mystery, Challenge or Earthcache  

1. GCAAGEX - PF Checkmate - Endgame

2. GCAGDHE - A Jasmine Gem

3. GCA45MM - Banksia Night Walk

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